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These are direct connections to  our favorite businesses and events run  by our freinds from the International Adventure Network. Connect directly to their web sites here and please don't forget to let them know where you found out about their wonderful operations.

201512031725rd147 7250831480387 dscn1777 web←This is our friend Anna hanging out in one of the stunning canyons she calls her playground. Anna Prat has 14 years of experience in mountaineering and canyoning and she still loves every minute. When you go on adventures with Anna you can really tell she knows her stuff and how to make your day special. Canyoning with Anna is fun, fun, fun, the way it should be and so Adventure Logic thinks you will love her wonderful canyoning compony Exploraguies based in the Pyrenees. She will run a trip for you allmost anywhere and you can contact her directly by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

exploraguiesIf you like the sound of Anna's awesome company Exploraguies then here is a sneak peak or follow this link directly to exploraguies.com

rob hind sun kosi nepal←That's Rob he's one of our favourite connections. He's the one pointing at you I might add. Adventure Logic is proud to offer a connection to Rob's business Asian River Expeditions and his exceptional adventures in Nepal and Bhutan.

Let yourself be guided by experience down some of the worlds most revered expedition rivers through the highest mountains in the world. Rob is an outstanding expedition leader! He has been going on rafting expeditions for 28 years and seen a thing or two on the way.

roblogocropAdventure Logic thinks there is no one better to run your Asian river adventure so here is a sneak peak and a link to his web site where you can read for your self all about the world class trips he has on offer. You can contact Rob directly by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Asian River Expeditions


Ever thought about missions in Romania? Well we have and now we re super excited to have a connection wth some seriously cool outdoor pro's who are all over it!

Mihai Mares is an experienced river guide who we are proud to have in our international network. We think that his company Outdoor Events is a great connection for finding some adventure in a new location. Romania offers some stunning mountains and rivers that are all too unexplored. These guys have been full of fun and cool ideas since we first met them at the Zambezi Academy. Soon to return to the the Zambezi with his own group of adventure seekers we hope we can create many more happy adventures with Mihai and his team.

LOGO MOE trsp negru 1Here is a sneak peak of their website and a direct link so you can visit yourself and find out what they are all about.




Duncs←Meet Duncan a man full of great ideas, including our favourite winter connection!! Duncan is the Director of the International Snowsport School. He has been skiing since the age of 2 when it all began at Harlow artificial ski slope with a "wee" pair of plastic yellow skis. The son of a BASI trainer it was perhaps a little genetic that a passion for the mountains and skiing would eventually lead to a career in Snowsport. Duncan has now been teaching for more than 20 years all over the world.

"I saw an opportunity with the International Snow Sport School to bring together different elements and people of the industry to ensure an un-paralleled quality of service. The friends and colleagues with whom we work understand better than anyone what is needed to enjoy and progress in snowsports like you wouldn't believe. This isn't just a job to these guys, it's in their blood, for them it's just who they are and what they do... you wont find anyone better!"


Loving that chat? How Cool is the internationalsnowsportachool!!! Check out a sneak peak below or follow this link directly to the Web site.  Intenational Snowsport School

Sam vic falls picSam started his company loveitliveit LiLi with all the passion and attitude adventure logic values, we think he is one of those pro's who represent our industry best.

LiLi is a company founded with the aim of providing the best all inclusive kayaking holidays all around the world. Sam has a very strong passion for kayaking, travelling and his desire to pass this knowledge and experience on to others is the drive behind LiLi. Sam and the team have racked up many thousands of hours of coaching on all styles and grades of white water. They have experienced coaching and kayaking in the UK, Ireland, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Portugal, Norway, Uganda, Zambia, USA, Canada, Japan and Thailand and travelled to over 40 countries around the world exploring, traveling and surfing. Sam also spend many years coaching the GB Freestyle Team and helped the athletes achieve 16 medal in a variety of kayaking disciplines. Sam and the team now live in Uganda and also run our sister company Kayak the Nile and are of course are 'loving it and living it'.

loveitliveit copy If you like the sound of Loveitlive it then here is a sneak peak, or follow this link to go directly to their website www.lovitliveit.co.uk


Original Saf Par Logo transparent bgJoin us on a Zambezi expedition

The Zambezi is one of the best white water destinations in the world. That's one reason why your trip deserves the best local operator. Safari Par Excellence (SAFPAR) offer smooth logistics, qualified professional guides and comfortable well priced accommodation. They have a fleet of well maintained vehicles at their Waterfront Lodge and vast experience in running Zambezi adventures, filming projects and events. SAFPAR is by far and away the stand out operator in Livingstone.

The Stunning mountains of the pyreneese

The roof of the world, these connections will help you explore the enormous mountains of the Himalayas and discover the many wonders hidden within them.

Outdoor events in Romania

Just like Adventure Logic these connections are international.

Information and Inspiration form our favourite river and world class adventure destination!

More Information about Livingstone, the bataka gorge and the Zambezi

Inspirational India oh how I miss you. Read about past adventures in India and find some exciting adventure itineraries form our connection to Himalayan River Runners

Our friends at Himalayan River Runners offer some truly inspiring adventure itineraries. Here are some of our favourite itineraries to give you some inspiration

Connect to Switzerland and Europe's best rafting tours

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