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Hugo Ernesto Lambertucci

Nationality: Argentinian

Profession (s): Sport Teacher, Rafting Instructor, Diver, Mountaineer, Mountain biker.

Years as a professional:10+

Recommended Adventures: Trekking in Patagonia, Zambezi Expedition

As I finished my studies, and also way before that, I remember myself going to mountains, rivers and beaches to be in contact with nature. I never stayed still, motion and adventure are part of life, and it became an essential for me.
I have traveled and lived in different countries, different languages and cultures but the necessity of adventure was and is always there! 
For many years I have worked as a guide and teacher and I still look for adventure in diverses areas through rafting, mountaineering and cycling. After so many years of this, I have started my own project. I offer something for the adventurous traveler and for the curious people who enjoy to be part of something more that just a "trip". 
What I do it´s what I enjoy the most, and that´s the reason why it isn´t a job anymore! Come and join me to travel to some of the greatest regions of this beautiful world.

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