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I hope we can help you connect with the people and businesses that will help achieve your career ambitions. If you are an adventure traveler or outdoor professional passionate about high standards in our industry you are welcome to join Adventure Logic and become a member. If you are really experienced and good at what you do you might consider joining our network and start building connections.

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Anyone can become an associate member of Adventure Logic and get limited access to the members area. If you have ambitions to join our network then get in touch so we can start building a connection. Full members can contribute articles and advertise their own events.

The Network

Adventure Logic want's to make connections between professionals with the passion and drive to inspire our clients and have fun whilst doing it. Whatever your job is in the adventure industry I hope like us you chose to do it because it’s what you love to do. Office life isn’t really for us and if we earn a little less it’s made up for by having the best offices in the world. Adventure Logic think's that the talent and skills you have as a hardworking professional is too often taken for granted. We want to find ways to make what we do worth while, not just emotionally but financially.


Adventure Logic is only interested in those qualifications necessary to make your work legal and professional. We know that skills, knowledge and attitude come from other places. Good training is important and we want to work with the organisations that provide it. There is no substitute for talent and experience so whatever your “level” Adventure Logic cares more about how good you are at what you do rather than how qualified you are to do it.

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We are always interested in new adventure ideas, so if you have something which is unique and want to promote it then get in touch and tell us all about it. Write an article and we'll post it for you or become a member and create your own profile on this web site. Adventure Logic loves innovations and new ideas so hopefully we can help you connect with the people and businesses out there that can help you achieve your adventure dreams.

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