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In this online age most travellers appreciate the flexibility to make their own travel arrangements and make the most out of frequent flyer benefits. So on Adventure Logic events our operators can handle things from airport arrivals onwards. Where ever we may be our operators are local experts and will be delighted to give your their travel advice.

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On of the reasons Adventure Logic exists is to cater for those seeking real adventures. We won't promise what we can't deliver and we aim to exceed expectations. Realistically adventures are a risky business and the outcome is uncertain. That is exactly what makes them an adventure. Look up the definition of adventure if your uncertain. The professionals we trust to guide us have the experience, knowledge and talent to do do so safely but ultimately your destiny is your own.

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Have you ever been underwhelmed by an adventure product? Most activity operators promise more action than they can deliver using extreme photos and wild promises of action to grab you attention. If your into cheap thrills then that's great, maybe you will find some of those with us too, but our events offer so much more than that. Whether it's connecting with nature, experiencing the wonders of our planet or the lifelong relationships we create through stepping out of our comfort zones together, Adventure Logic wants to help you discover your own inspiration. 

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All the operators we recommend are licensed appropriately for their location and will usually ask you to read and sign a waiver before your adventure begins. If you don't have travel insurance you participate at your own risk and if you want cover you must organise that independently. You might be surprised to find that many of the activities involved are actually covered by normal travel insurance policies.

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