Duncs←Meet Duncan a man full of great ideas, including our favourite winter connection!! Duncan is the Director of the International Snowsport School. He has been skiing since the age of 2 when it all began at Harlow artificial ski slope with a "wee" pair of plastic yellow skis. The son of a BASI trainer it was perhaps a little genetic that a passion for the mountains and skiing would eventually lead to a career in Snowsport. Duncan has now been teaching for more than 20 years all over the world.

"I saw an opportunity with the International Snow Sport School to bring together different elements and people of the industry to ensure an un-paralleled quality of service. The friends and colleagues with whom we work understand better than anyone what is needed to enjoy and progress in snowsports like you wouldn't believe. This isn't just a job to these guys, it's in their blood, for them it's just who they are and what they do... you wont find anyone better!"


Loving that chat? How Cool is the internationalsnowsportachool!!! Check out a sneak peak below or follow this link directly to the Web site.  Intenational Snowsport School


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