Sam vic falls picSam started his company loveitliveit LiLi with all the passion and attitude adventure logic values, we think he is one of those pro's who represent our industry best.

LiLi is a company founded with the aim of providing the best all inclusive kayaking holidays all around the world. Sam has a very strong passion for kayaking, travelling and his desire to pass this knowledge and experience on to others is the drive behind LiLi. Sam and the team have racked up many thousands of hours of coaching on all styles and grades of white water. They have experienced coaching and kayaking in the UK, Ireland, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Portugal, Norway, Uganda, Zambia, USA, Canada, Japan and Thailand and travelled to over 40 countries around the world exploring, traveling and surfing. Sam also spend many years coaching the GB Freestyle Team and helped the athletes achieve 16 medal in a variety of kayaking disciplines. Sam and the team now live in Uganda and also run our sister company Kayak the Nile and are of course are 'loving it and living it'.

loveitliveit copy If you like the sound of Loveitlive it then here is a sneak peak, or follow this link to go directly to their website


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