Kalagala FallsNeil has been a Swiftwater Rescue Instructor since 1997 and is the Rescue 3 Instructor Trainer responsible for Austria and Germany. He has also written the safety and rescue chapter of the Tyrolean Raft guide handbook and with his international rafting experience he runs guide training courses for the International Rafting Association. Having started kayaking at the age of 12 he is now a member of the German AKC, the Alpine Kayak Club, and has paddled whitewater extensively in various parts of the world. Not being content with the flat countryside of south east England, he moved to Tirol in 1994, where he lives surrounded by the mountains and whitewater that is now his home. In the winters he spends his spare time skiing, snow boarding and ice climbing. On the rare occasions that he finds some warm water, he relaxes in it scuba diving.

Find out about Neils Rescue courses on his website www.swiftwaterrescue.at


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