Booking Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms & conditions in full before submitting a booking form or requesting an offer from Adventure Logic. Your booking will be confirmed by confirmation email.


All Offers

Adventure Logic is very international and tries to work in local currency where possible. We use an offer system in order to keep prices current.


  • A finite offer is published on or sent to your inbox.
  • All offers have an expiry date and are subject to change.
  • This offer will also be suspended if the event is full
  • Once the event is full bookings go onto a waiting list at the current offer 
  • You can save your place at the current offer with a 10% deposit
  • Final payment is due before the offer expires
  • Once the offer expires places will be allocated at the next offer
  • Adventure Logic reserves the right to terminate any offer at any time

All prices are determined by the principal operator. 


Event Booking

  • All events have a maximum number of participants,
  • Bespoke packages also have a minimum number of participants,
  • Bookings are allocated a number as to when they are received, 
  • Once all places are full paying a 10% deposit will secure save your place,



  • Failure to pay your deposit may result in you moving onto a waiting list,
  • Full payment is due one month before the event start date,
  • Deposits are refundable for 60days following receipt,
  • Deposits are only refundable up to 30days prior to the expedition start date,
  • Payments minus deposit and Paypal fees are refundable out with the 30days prior to the expedition start date,



Adventure logic offers Paypal payments because we are super international and we like to offer payments in your currency as best we can. If you don’t have Paypal don’t worry you can still pay into the Adventure Logic Paypal account using your debit or credit card, just click on the payment button for details.


Bank Transfer

We can also invoice for payment into the Adventure logic UK bank account in £GBP pound sterling. A conversion rate will be given at the mid market rate at the time of your accepted offer. Following the original invoice any upgrades, extensions or add-ons to the package will be subject to a 6% charge. 

Full payment must be received before the offer expires.



  • Deposits are not refundable out with 60 days of receipt.
  • Deposits are not refundable within 30 days of the event start date.
  • Adventure logic reserves the right to reschedule any event at will outside of 30days prior to the event start date.
  • Incase of event cancelation by Adventure Logic we offer a full refund including deposit.
  • In case of event rescheduling or cancelation due to factors outside Adventure Logic’s control we will make every effort to offer a reasonable refund or alternative event of the same value.
  • If you are unable to attend our event we can only offer partial refunds in exceptional circumstance. 


Currency Conversion

Adventure Logic is very international so we work with adventure seekers and operators in multiple currencies. When we calculate a quote we do it in the currency applicable to the event location. We then use PayPal to invoice in that currency. You may then pay the equivalent in whichever currency suits you best via a secure online transaction. Our default currency is £GBP so if you wish to pay in pound sterling you may do so by bank transfer into our UK bank account. In this case we will convert your offer according to the mid market rate at the time of quotation and send you an invoice for that amount to be paid before the offer is terminated.

All payments must be received a minimum of 30 Days prior to the event start date.



Adventure Logic does not provide insurance of any kind. Adventure Logic can not be held responsible for your failure to hold an appropriate insurance policy. Any insurance provided by the principal operator is subject to contract and waiver between the participants and the operator.


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