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Fill in the first form on this page and submit now to book your place in Zambia. IRF certification workshop Candidates must complete and submit both forms on this page in order to be considered.


On submission of this form you will receive an automated reply of confirmation shortly followed by an email from your instructor who willhelp you decide on your acadamy schedule. For answer to any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing


Complete the form to book your place at the Zambezi Academy 2019

The next section is for those candidates interested in the IRF Certification Workshop. If you would like to be assessed you must complete this section by providing all the necessary registration documents and information.

In order to certify with the IRF we need some information form you and evidence of your white water experience. We need this information before the start of the assessment. Please complete the required fields in this form to provide us with that information.

Please note if you pass to certify you must pay your own assessment fee. 

IRF GTE Assessment Fees (All certifications and renewals are valid for 3 years)
Guide Assessment fee (includes card) US$60.00
Trip Leader Assessment fee (includes card) US$90.00
Instructor Assessment fee (includes card) US$150.00
Guide or Trip Leader Renewal Fee (without card) US$25.00
Instructor Renewal Fee (without card) US$0.00
Renewals for expired certifications US$10.00 per year expired plus above renewal fees
Replacement or renewal cards US$25.00

Where candidates receive multiple assessments at one time they will be required to pay the higher fee for their assessment plus US$15.00 for the second qualification.
For example:

Raft Guide AND Safety Kayaker Certification (one card) US$60.00 + US$15.00 = US$75.00
Trip Leader AND Safety Kayaker Certification (one card) US$90.00 + US$15.00 = US$105.00


Here is a link to find out more about cetrification fees and requirements.

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