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Kayaking logistics. Information about flexible and affordable kayak logistics for experienced boaters.

After 2 years experience of running the Zambezi Academy. The 2018 events are going to be more action compact and more affordable. In October 2018 adventure logic is offering opotunities for outdoor professionals to learn, experience and enjoy one of the worlds top adventure destinations and the chance to run their own trips in the mighty Batoka Gorge

These are direct connections to  our favorite businesses and events run  by our freinds from the International Adventure Network. Connect directly to their web sites here and please don't forget to let them know where you found out about their wonderful operations.

The Stunning mountains of the pyreneese

The roof of the world, these connections will help you explore the enormous mountains of the Himalayas and discover the many wonders hidden within them.

Outdoor events in Romania

White water connections to a jungle paradise

Just like Adventure Logic these connections are international.

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If your are confused about who we are and what Adventure Logic is all about then this is the section of the website that will guide you through the details of our mission and what we can do for adventure seekers and industry professionals.

There is no time better to get to know someone than during an adventure! These adventure industry professionals are some of the close friends and colleges we have been lucky enough to meet along the way. They are the life blood of the adventure industry  and the passion they have for what they do represents us best.

We like answering your questions. Questions really help us to improve our services and the quality of information we provide. You can find some frequently asked questions in the list below or if you have a burning question of your own please fill out the question form because we would love the chance to answer it!

These questions help answer what exactly it is that adventure logic does and how we operate

These frequestly asked questions will help guide you through the booking process. 

Adventure Logic doesn't offer flights or insurance, these questions help explain why.

These questions relate to joining Adventure Logic as an adventure seeker or professional member

This is area is exclusive to adventure logic members. It contains members only articles, access to discounts, special adventure opportunities and professional deals on equipment and logistics. Professional members have the opportunity to contribute to this web site content as well as advertise their own adventures and events.

How to become member and gain access to the members areas

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These articles help explain the meaning of Adventure Logic. Contained within is our philosophy, passion and reason for this web sites existence. We hope at the very least it will provoke discussion but hopefully it can help you achieve your goals through having your own rewarding adventures.

Connect to the best operatores in Adventure Logic's favourite locations

Inspirational India oh how I miss you. Read about past adventures in India and find some exciting adventure itineraries form our connection to Himalayan River Runners

Our friends at Himalayan River Runners offer some truly inspiring adventure itineraries. Here are some of our favourite itineraries to give you some inspiration

Connect to Switzerland and Europe's best rafting tours

Victoria Falls

Information and Inspiration form our favourite river and world class adventure destination!

More Information about Livingstone, the bataka gorge and the Zambezi

Inspirational itineraries from our favorite connections and operatoirs

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