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Alessandro Bak Baklouti

Nationality: Italian

Profession: Kayak Guide, Kayak Surfer, Travel Planner, Personal Trainer, Video Maker, Photographer

Years in the Adventure Industry: 3

Recommended adventures: Kayaking expedition from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura.

Life can be easy or difficult but it's your path, nobody can walk your steps for you... I put all my efforts and passion in what I do because I don't have any other option than being myself and pursuing my dreams.
There is a reason for everything in this big plan, let's our orbits get closer and share experiences :)

201604081403th147 6050513407879 gigo1Miljko Bulajic

Nationality: Montenegrin

Profession: Raft Guide, Expedition Leader, Hiking and Canyoning Guide, White water kayak Instructor, WRT rescue technician

Years as a professional: 10

Recommended Adventures: Canyoning Nevidio, Canyoning Medjurijec (canyon with 10 waterfalls), Rafting (Tara river, 1-3 day expeditions), Kayak (Tara, Moraca, Komarnica and Cijevna river), Hiking tours all in Montenegro and abroad with Nature Lovers

I first became interested in extreme sports since my teenage years. I had older friends who were already in that industry, and thanks to them today I am a passionate rafting, hiking and kayaking leader with 10 years of experience all around the world. Most of the time during the day I spend exploring and enjoying nature, so I strive to turn other people to nature and its benefits.


201603140922th147 2416763236000 img 74687232647894Charl de bruyn

Nationality: South African

Profession: Kayaker, raft guide, team builder

Reccomended Adventures: The Zambezi Class 5 Academy

I am vibrant spontaneous and always up for a good challenge, i want to live where the road ends coz that is exactly where adventure starts 
i am a team player and never scared to take the ropes and make decisions, safety always first and fun follows automatically



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