zkHow much integrity can there be in selling someone an "experience" in the outdoors? I can buy equipment, transport or employ the services of a guide. I can even buy entertainment, but wether I choose to be entertained or not is entirely up to me. Adventure is an enticing word but what does it really mean to have one?

An adventure is simply a way to describe risky and exciting experiences on a journey with an uncertain outcome. An adventure is experienced by those having it, which surely means that we already own all of our own adventures. We can have one whenever or wherever we want, our parameters are time, energy and risk. Often adverts for tour operators display the word ADVENTURE in big bold letters then shortly afterward the subtext implies low risk, comfort and security if it doesn’t directly state it. In the fulfilment of outdoors pursuits many of us value the freedom we enjoy in Nature. Freedom of expression, movement, invention and discovery. If the word adventure was followed by the words uncertain, adversity and risk would we still buy one?  The answer is probably not because those of us who are enticed by these words are bold enough to have our own adventure wether we need to be sold it or not.

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