About Us

If your are confused about who we are and what Adventure Logic is all about then this is the section of the website that will guide you through the details of our mission and what we can do for adventure seekers and industry professionals.

What does Adventure Logic do?

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Real Opportunities

Adventure Logic is a consultancy that promotes outdoor professionals and operators with the highest standards and integrity. Through our favourite connections we organise events, training courses and pure adventure opportunities for adventure seekers and fellow industry professionals. We want to help define the adventure industry by promoting and supporting those who represent it best.

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Building Connections

By working with people and businesses that are most passionate about their work, Adventure Logic will innovate opportunities and build connections. By using our international network of experienced travellers, guides and expedition leaders we aim to connect you to world class operators and professionals. Our information and advice comes directly from the source.

Our philosophy

Adventure Logic won’t compromise on and is passionate about high standards of safety, quality of service and professionalism. Positive experiences come from within those who seek them and should be facilitated by the high standards of the professionals and businesses who deliver quality products.

We hope that the passion we have for our professions can inspire those we take along.






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